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Pathologic Instrument

Ultra 30

The instrument is easy to operate, high-efficient, and friendly software. It can complete the whole process from dewaxing, hydration, antigen retrieval to immunohistochemical staining of 30 slices in about 4 hours.

- Accelerate test programs through speed, efficiency, and consistent automation, reducing manual work so that researchers can spend less time at the bench and more time innovating.

- Preparation - Customize your baking and dewax options.

- Antigen Retrieval - Change Incubation time and temperature as desired.

- Staining – Choose your incubation times, temperatures and more.

- Create your own detection kits using simple and efficient research detection kits. 

- Fully automate staining with extremely small volumes of high value reagents.

- Save time by having antibodies, probes and detection systems accessible at any time.

- Eliminate mundane tasks and minimize maintenance.

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